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Stavanger 2008 part 1

31 August 2005
Stavanger will be the European Capital of Culture in 2008 and suggestions are welcomed for ideas on what to do, so here is the first part of our thoughts on the subject
We believe that the Stavanger region has all the elements needed to be a much more popular tourism and leisure destination, with many hidden jewels which have few visitors today. It will be the (non-EU) European Capital of Culture in 2008, and we think this could and should be the perfect opportunity to set up the infrastructure to help visitors see the potential, and give the local people a focus and feel that they are part of the festival

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

click on the blue links In the first of our suggestions for 2008, we would like to see a regular "merry-go-round" boat service that connects Stavanger Vaagen with Sandnes, other locations which will feature in the celebrations and and as many other focal points with different interests as possible.

This boat service would:

  • be cycle-friendly - space to carry bikes onboard;
  • carry comprehensive information about all the events taking place in the region;
  • be fast enough to get around the loop in an hour or so;
  • run every weekend and every day through the summer, with the possibility of running an extra boat if the demand was there;
  • include stops with good parking, enabling people to get around without cars;
  • become known as the place where something interesting would be happening somewhere on the route at any given time
Examples of places for stop-off points are:
  • Stavanger Vaagen;
  • Lundsvagen - for Lundsneset, and the "Fairy-tales";
  • Austre Åmøy - for cycle trips (or mini-bus link) to Utstein Kloster;
  • Flor og Fjaere;
  • Lindoy;
  • Hommersåk;
  • Bymarken - for easy access to Lifjell and fantastic views over the area (in the 1930's Bymarken was set up by Stavanger Turistforeningen as a place for the people of the area to go and relax, and walk in nature, close to home - there was even a café and dance floor);
  • Dale or Gramstad - for Dalsnuten, and link with people walking from Bymarken;
  • Sandnes - for the harbour area, the shopping, Storåna, Sandvedparken events, etc;
  • Vaulen for walks, events and parking;
  • Mariero or Hillevåg for parking;
  • Ramsvik for walks and Godalen

We think this could become a "must-do" for visitors for the area, and something that local people would regularly think about, and check up on what was going on the next weekend.

Tickets should be for the day - or multiple days - allowing people to get on and off as they please.

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