Pulpit Rock - Preikestolen - near Stavanger
Pulpit Rock - or Preikestolen -
near Stavanger. No guard rails
and the drop is 604 metres.

Resorts and major tourist centres in south Norway - ski and summer

There are many resorts in south norway, including ski resorts with many summer and autumn activities. There are also many areas by the coast which are popular in the summer.


Sirdal is the valley in vest Agder county about 2 hours drive east of Stavanger. It is the closest ski area with 5 downhill ski areas, including Tjørhomfjellet and Ålsheia which are linked but do not have a shared lift-pass system in 2011


Sauda is about 3 hours north-east of Stavanger with a downhill ski centre, cross-country ski trails and summer activities - popular with people touring along the Ryfylke road - or Ryfylkeveien.


Røldal has an alpine skisenter with a long season and deep snow, plus cross-country skiing and an old stave church. It lies on the main East-West E134 road, about 3-4 hours from Stavanger.


Hovden is the main skiing and tourist centre of upper Setesdal, about 3 hours north of Kristiansand, or about 5 hours from Stavanger


Geilo is a well-established resort (over 50 years) on the railway line between Oslo and Bergen


Hemsedal is sometimes called the scandinavian alps, because of the big vertical drop. Good facilities, several hotels and many apartments and cabins.

Voss resort

Voss Resort is the town 100 km from Bergen with a long-established ski resort and summer activities

Voss fjellandsby - Myrkdalen

Voss Fjellandsby is a new ski resort at Myrkdalen, 30 km north of Voss, 130 km from Bergen. New and growing fast.


Rauland is a resort in north-west Telemark with 3 ski centres


Stavanger is close to Lysefjord and Preikestolen / Pulpit Rock and many other attractions. Mountains, fjords and skiing, but also islands and sandy beaches


Bergen is the second city of Norway, a port set amongst mountains between Hardanger and Sognefjord, with activities in the city and many tours around


Hardanger is between Bergen and Stavanger and famous for the fjords and mountains but also for islands, ferries, spring blossom and a glacier


Ryfylke is the area of sheltered islands, boats and mountains north and east of Stavanger