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4 seat express chairlift
Description: Upper Sirdal is a ski resort in Vest Agder county of Norway. Tj&oslash;rhomfjellet and &Aring;lsheia are the two main ski centres and are closest to Stavanger. <strong>You CAN ski from Tj&oslash;rhomfjellet to Aalsheia and back again in 2015 and they DO have a shared lift-pass system</strong>. There are two smaller skisenters further north in Sirdal: Fidjeland and &Aring;dneram
Huldreheimen beginners area
Location description:: Sirdal ski resort is 100-120 km from Stavanger, along RV 45 and into Sirdal. It is 20 km north up Sirdal to &Aring;dneram, or 30 km south to Tonstad.

Ski lifts:
Express Chairlifts 1
normal chairlifts 0
T-bar drag lifts 4
button (tallerken) lifts 11
beginner conveyor belts 1
beginner rope tows 2
Lift capacity per hour: 0

normal season length:: From before Christmas to after Easter, but depending on weather. Also varies for each skisenter
Number of food / drink options: 5
Food and Drink: Yes - there are cafes at all skisenters in Sirdal
Park facilities: Yes - Tjørhomfjellet has two main areas - one fairly high on the main red run and a second - slightly easier - section near the bottom of the chairlift
facilities for beginners:: Huldreheimen at Tjørhomfjellet is a perfect place to start learning to ski - with a (free) rope tow, fairly easy button lift, and Ski school based here

evening skiing:: On Wednesday and Friday at Ålsheia

Sirdal ski resort

address:   4443  Tjorhom
Local area name: Upper Sirdal
web URL:
phone: 907 04 747
nearest town/village:

Resort height base: 580 m
top height: 900 m
maximum drop: 220 m

Town centre 2 km
other accommodation
airport 100
railway 90

Runs / pistes / løyper: (total 28.5 km)
Green runs (7) - total 5.5 km
green runs
Blue runs (7) - total 8.5 km
blue runs
Red runs (12) - total 12.9 km
red runs
Black runs (2) - total 1.6 km
black runs

location map
opening times:: This varies - check for each ski centre
prices:: This varies - check for each ski centre - there is no common skipass in 2011/2012

Other relevant links:
Tjorhomfjellet - Sirdal Alpint
Aalsheia Alpint
Fidjeland skitrekk
Aadneram skitrekk

Sirdal Ski School
all ages and abilities
Directions: Sirdal ski resort is mainly close to Sinnes in Sirdal, along the RV 45 road from Stavanger and Sandnes, just a it joins the FV 468 that runs up through Sirdal. Tj&oslash;rhomfjellet is just before the junction, Aalsheia is just after it, on the left
Ski Bus service:
Ski Train service: -
Ski Boat service: -

Public transport options: Yes - Snøbussen to Sirdal on Saturday and Sunday, plus every day during vinterferie and Easter

Huldreheimen button lift
Ski School:
Ski Rental:
Good off-piste options:

Ski School: Yes, ski school is available for individuals or small groups. Book in advance. See Sirdal Ski & Brett Skole
Ski Rental: Ski rental available at each skisenter
OffPiste: The best - and most extensive - off-piste is from the chair-lift at Tjørhomfjellet BUT TAKE CARE as these areas are not monitored closely and there may be avelanche (snøskred) danger!!!

part of the main red run
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