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Aalsheia ski centre in Sirdal

Ålsheia is the largest ski centre in Sirdal and has been around for about 30 years. It is continuing to develop - with light towers now covering most of the slopes for evening skiing, and a range of jumps, rails and pipes for terraine park enthusiasts.
It links with Tjørhomfjellet at weekends and holidays, making one of the largest ski centres in Norway. In 2011 there IS NOT a shared liftpass system.

at the top, with the sun setting
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wide pistes There are snow cannons around the resort, so if necessary, artificial snow is made, to ensure that the ski season is as long as possible.
The slopes vary in steepness and difficulty - as do the jumps and rails - so there should be something to interest most people.
Stay on for evening skiing on Wednesday and Friday. In addition to the other alpine resorts, there are good cross-country skiing trails in the area, including Furuåsen.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart (scale 1:200 000): 3 770 65 325

By car:
Drive south from Stavanger on the E 39 then east on the RV 45 up through Hunnedalen and down into Sirdal. Turn left at the junction at Svartevatn and go 1.5 km
There is a car park close to the bottom of the Tilbringer lift, close to the road, and a larger car park on the other side of the road, by the lake.
By bus:
Ski buses leaving Stavanger and other locations on Saturday and Sunday, plus vinterferie and Easter. Cost for return bus and day ski lift pass 400 kroner. Separate buses and prices for evening skiing.

Distance from Stavanger: 101 km

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good fun and good views too
jumps rails and other fun in the terreng park Travel time from Stavanger:
2 hours by car or bus
Duration of the visit:
part of a day, all day, or longer
Carparks, Toilets, Cafe , ski hire
Kids verdict:
Good fun, especially if you are more advanced
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