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Pulpit Rock open, Kjerag still deep in snow

16 April 2008
We get a lot of questions about when it is possible to hike to Pulpit Rock and Kjerag. Yesterday we flew over, and Pulpit Rock is now snow-free, but Kjerag is still deep in snow and ice

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Pulpit Rock towering over Lysefjord - seen from a sightseeing helicopter There were just a few isolated patches of snow around Pulpit Rock, but getting to Kjerag would be a long ski tour at the moment. Pulpit Rock is known as prekestolen, or preikestolen, in Norwegian.

Update 23 June 2008:
Kjerag is now open, with quite a few patches of snow remaining in this high mountain area.

The pictures were taken in summer 2007, from the helicopter trip which takes you from Stavanger Sola airport to Pulpit Rock and back for around 1000 kroner per person, or on a longer trip that ncludes Månafossen waterfall and Lysefjord.

The black arrow points out the platform of Pulpit Rock, and the smaller picture below shows the people admiring the views.

people enjoying the views from Pulpit Rock - seen from a sightseeing helicopter

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